About me

“Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” - Ibn Battuta

Hi, and welcome to my travel blog.

I should start by introducing myself – my name is Dajana (pronounced similar to Diana), a lawyer by profession but a travel junkie by heart. The idea behind this blog is basically summed up with the cited quote.

In between long work hours and spending time with my husband and my family, I’m always dreaming of new adventures. Whether it’s just a short day trip or a long holiday, I love discovering new places near and far.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my travel stories and my blog will inspire you to explore the world, while also providing some useful tips for particular travels. You can also check my Instagram and Facebook page for regular photo and travel updates!

Based in: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Travel bucket list: Tahiti, Iran, Uzbekistan, South African Republic, St. Lucia

Favourite city: Paris, France

Number of countries visited: 29

Next destination: San Francisco, Oahu & Maui

— All the photos are my own, unless stated otherwise, and the content is based upon my own travels and personal experiences. —